15+ years experience building technology, teams, companies.

Passionate about machine learning and creativity.

Looking for a technical role in AI / ML, especially in generative AI and creativity.

Y Combinator and UCLA CS alum.


Aesthetic (YC S’18)

LLM-powered Language Learning Tools (June 2023 - October 2023)

  • Developed a prototype for an audio-centric language learning application, leveraging LLMs to generate multilingual educational content.
  • Implemented a prompt testing system to evaluate and enhance the quality of prompt engineering modifications incrementally.

AI Assistant for Artists / Designers (July 2022 - May 2023)

  • Created a user-friendly app enabling artists to fine-tune generative models with their portfolios, facilitating rapid creation of new images using their own style.
  • Managed backend processes to train and deploy models to an inference API.
  • Automated analysis of LoRA hyper-parameters for artistic style fine-tuning.
  • Expanded the capabilities of the Dreambooth trainer to accommodate various concepts.

Token-Gated Platform for NFT creators (Feb 2021 - June 2022)

  • Developed a self-service platform enabling NFT creators to form their communities, conduct token sales, and offer exclusive features to token holders.
  • Authored versatile smart contracts allowing creators to independently manage collections and sales beyond conventional exchanges.

API for Generating Design Assets (Jan 2020 - Jan 2021)

  • Crafted a “Zapier for Design” API to produce on-demand templated social media images and animations using React for templating and Puppeteer/ffmpeg for rendering.

Software-augmented design agency (June 2018 - October 2019)

  • Developed a workflow system to monitor tasks and payments, catering to freelancers involved in design projects as the business scaled to a $1M ARR.
  • Hired and managed a 12-person remote engineering team.
  • Established remote hiring and onboarding processes with a 100% interview-to-acceptance rate for new hires.

Long Journey Ventures

AI Advisor (May 2023 - Present)

  • Conducting due diligence on AI startups, delving into their technology to guide investment strategies.


ML Engineer (June 2016 - June 2018)

  • Spearheaded the “Taste Graph” initiative, redesigning the ontology of user interests and developing classifiers for pins and queries.
  • Enhanced overall revenue by 2.5% and boosted ecommerce conversion rates by 20% by substituting legacy user interests with taste graph data for ad targeting.
  • Increased revenue by 2% with the implementation of a FastText text classifier to align search queries with ad interests.
  • Oversaw data labeling initiatives and developed offline evaluation systems for interest classification models.
  • Designed tools for data science teams to perform statistical analysis on ad interest A/B testing outcomes.

URX (YC S’13, Acq. Pinterest)

Co-Founder / CTO (Jan 2013 - May 2016)

  • Engineered a contextual search engine to expose pertinent content across mobile applications, capitalizing on deep-link traffic.
  • Designed a distributed system to index 2 billion pages of mobile deep-link content.
  • Led machine learning projects to augment index entries, focusing on classification, disambiguation, and knowledge graph integration.
  • Grew and nurtured a 25-member engineering team spanning engineering, infrastructure, and machine learning.


Senior Software Engineer (September 2011 - January 2013)

  • Developed and scaled an SEM ad revenue prediction pipeline to assess 5MM keywords daily.
  • Implemented a Solr-based recommendation engine for SEO, optimizing search relevancy and performance while streamlining index build and deployment.

Software Engineer (August 2010 - September 2011)

  • Led the transition of company-wide analytical workflows to a MapReduce environment, evaluating and prototyping relevant technologies.

Data Engineering Intern (June 2007 - Feb 2009)

  • Developed Ruby on Rails applications to enhance efficiency in labeling processes.


University of California, Los Angeles - BS. Computer Science (Sept 2006 - June 2010)