about me

Hi, I’m Andrew Look.

I’m a machine learning engineer, ex-startup founder, and part-time artist based in Brooklyn, NY.


I recently left my most recent startup, Aesthetic (Y Combinator Summer 2018).

Before that, I did ML engineering at Pinterest from 2016-2018.

Previously, I worked on a mobile ad startup called URX from 2013 until 2016 when we were acquired by Pinterest.

Side Projects

I’m also an AI advisor to Long Journey Ventures, occasionally helping with technical due diligence on companies with an AI/ML focus.

In spare time, I’m building audio-reactive digital art and training new team members as Head of Software for the Titanic’s End Mutant Vehicle.


I’ve been painting since 2013 (when I really needed a hobby to unwind from the stress of startup life).

I’ve been experimenting with ML art and generative AI since 2016 (when I started playing with DeepDreams and GANs and making physical paintings from the outputs).

I’ve been making single-line drawings since 2018 (when I decided to experiment with adding a constraint to my art practice).

I’ve been making pottery since 2022 (when I wanted to experiment with making art in three dimensions rather than two).